Lantern Festival in Zhuzhai village is marked by fireworks and great processions of linked lanterns set on benches which are joined to one another and carried in a long line. Each bench of lanterns represents a family... a dragon, with a head and a tail. The entire village population is represented in the linked lantern procession, which traces the boundaries of the village in lines of light. Large villages form immense lines of light...

Bored in heaven, he came to earth to play. The God of Theater welcomes you to a world of dances, trances, fireworks and flames. A new world for a new China?

Opera is built into every ritual. The God of Theater is present at every ritual, because he is the patron god of actors, and opera is a necessary part of every ritual.

Anyone can be a medium.

"A medium of our generation, who is possessed by the monkey god, works at a bank in the city."

Local rituals, rooted to the landscape for hundreds of years, always proved adaptable to a changing landscape and culture.


-from Bored in Heaven: A film about ritual sensation